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 ----Craig's Server Support Application----

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----Craig's Server Support Application---- Empty
PostSubject: ----Craig's Server Support Application----   ----Craig's Server Support Application---- I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 31, 2012 12:55 pm

The position you are applying for;- Server Support

Your IGN (In-game name);- Craig

Why you should be Server Support;- Because i have found myself to loving this server, it has a great source and ive not been off it since ive started. Im a mature, 16 year old guy who loves to game and help out players. So if i was server support, id be sure to help out anyone who needs it and also have a great time on the server. I am a very active player (can be up to 10 hours a day if im not busy) so im always available, ive also found myself to be a forum whore on all servers so ill try my best to keep the forum clean and updated at all times. I also promise to be fair with everyones remarks and report anything thats necessary to you or callum.

Previous experiences of staff (Previous mod,admin,server support,owner,co-owner etc...);- I have ran my own server, got up to 15+ players active but then i couldnt afford the VPS so i had to shut it down. ive been Server Support before and then was upgraded to moderator on another server, the server was callum HeavenlyPKz and it had active 35+ players easily. The server shut down as it was getting Ddosed a lot and he could not afford the protection (as it was over 300 dollars). last staff position ive had, is another moderator spot on TributePK, was quite a small server... 10+ players active but i was on the server for 4 months as an active forum and ingame moderator, owner (Tribute) said i was the best he'd ever seen as a moderator Smile

Irl name (First name, Surname not compulsory);- Craig Hollings.

Hobbies;- Gaming (been a gamer for 8 years now), BMX Biking on weekends some days. Football when i have the chance and im a big fan of playing rugby.

Abit about yourself;- im 16 years of age and male. Ive always been a big fan of runescape (been on it since i was 6, gone through various accounts) but i became a strict gamer at 8 on runescape (sad i know). Ive always been dedicated to tasks ahead, hence on one of my runescape accounts i got 99 agility and farming, was a pain in the ass but i did it. as if i was a server support, id dedicate myself to helping others and keeping the forum a good place to be. any other questions about me, just pm in game and/or leave a reply on here. I know i havent been on the server long but i think ive got the expereince to be a good player and a great staff member.

thanks for reading staff!

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----Craig's Server Support Application----
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