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 Staff Application

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PostSubject: Staff Application   Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:08 pm

Whats up? im Nightmare

My ign : Nightmarerh (fanboy)
How many hours a day can i play?: In my opinion, around 4-5
How long do u play tipzyscape? : Ive played for a few days and getting to know alot about the server.
Referrer: Jack.
Age? :Im 16 at this day.
Where do i live: i live in United states.
Why do i think i can be a staff member? : So i can possibally help others, and do the moderators job.

Sure most people apply to stop spam and other junk, but i am here today applying to help out the community.
Aswell as doing the mods job, i would aswell help with all the questions and such.

This is fanboy nightmarerh, thanks for letting your eyes read my app.

Good Day to you!

(This format i found on another app, just using the format)
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Staff Application
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