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 Dragonstorm's Application :-)

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Dragonstorm's Application :-) Empty
PostSubject: Dragonstorm's Application :-)   Dragonstorm's Application :-) I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 02, 2012 11:35 am

The position you are applying for;- Moderator.

Your IGN (In-game name);- Dragonstorm.

Why you should be - I think i can be a really helping hand to the server. I'm really active in game , and on the forums, always when im online on the server, which is a couple hours, like 3-4 minimum per day, i am also on the forums. Also when i am online, there's no time to exp waste! Hehe Smile But i also think i can be a mod because i've played alot, but really alot of servers. But it's just when i quit a server, it's because of the failing community, or just never updates, Tipzy has a nice community, and is getting updated every day Smile

Previous experiences of staff (Previous mod,admin,server support,owner,co-owner etc...);- I have been Admin once, but mostly an Moderator on alot of servers.

Irl name (First name, Surname not compulsory);- Michel, But if you're not dutch it's hard to say. So you can call me Micheal , Or Mike or whatever you want Smile

Hobbies;- Playing Soccer, but also watching soccer, And ofcourse playing Tipzyscape ! :-) I Also play runescape, but not really much anymore since Eoc.

Abit about yourself;- I hope to be a really good helping hand on the server, also when being online i'd like to answer as much as questions i can. I also see people are asking the same questions over and over again. Like, how to make money, i hope i can reduce that sort of questions.

Well that whas it.

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Dragonstorm's Application :-)
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