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 Joshys application

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PostSubject: Joshys application    Joshys application  I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 3:00 pm


The position you are applying for: Server helper/mod (both are fine with me)

Your IGN (In-game name)
: Joshy

Why you should be server helper/mod: I've been playing this server for a decent amount of time (about 1 month now) and will continue playing really actively, I've been
really helpful to many players and I've been trying to help server with making guides, advertising etc...

Previous experiences of staff (Previous mod,admin,server support,owner,co-owner etc...): Owner of couple (kinda small servers), Co-Owner in 1 pretty succesful
server, admin in 2 servers (1 kinda big and 2 decent) and mod in 2
servers (1 big and 1 small)

Irl name (First name, Surname not compulsory): Joshua Coppen

Hobbies:Soccer as primary (other sports also), playing drums (guitar a little also), skiing and snowboarding when it's winter

Abit about yourself
: I am a 17 years old boy (turning 18 in September), I go to High school (2nd year) studying maths, physics and chemistry mostly.
I live in Finland atm (been living here for the past 2 years). I like being with my friends, my hobbies, listening to music, sleeping and playing games of

This was a bit of myself and if you have more to ask, feel free to ask me in game Very Happy
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Joshys application
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