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 pker4ever support application

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PostSubject: pker4ever support application   pker4ever support application I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 03, 2013 8:18 pm

The position you are applying for;- Support rank

Your IGN (In-game name);- Pker4ever

Why you should be *Support rank*;- I beleive i can be a good support team member because im a very helpful player that is willinng is willing to use their gaming time to help any player or solve their problems. Ive gotten to know many players around tipzyscape and become good friends with alot of them, Im also welcomeing to every new player and make them feel comfy. Also in any staff position you need to be active, well im a very active player who has 6 hours of gaming time on weekdays and 9+ hours gaming time on weekends.

Previous experiences of staff (Previous mod,admin,server support,owner,co-owner etc...);- I was a administrator on a server called Desire rsps, but unfortunately that got shut down. I was well apreciated as admin on there because i was told i was doing my role well, not just by the owner but by players aswell.

Irl name (First name, Surname not compulsory);- William

Hobbies;- Some of my most favorite hobbies are playing Rsps such as tipzyscape, but i do have a scooter (yes, im a scooter fag) and i love going to skateparks and learning new tricks, ive been doing it for 2 years now and learning pretty fast. Im hoping to soon get keyboard lessons if my parents buy them because since i started doing music lessons in school, the first instument i played was the keyboard. Now i love playing it when i can.

Abit about yourself;- My name is william, im 13 years old, and i live in the uk where its currently winter! so im staying inside. I love Tipzyscape and callum is a baws!!!!

Thank you for reading this and good luck to everybody that applied! Smile
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pker4ever support application
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