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 Jimmy's Staff Application

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Jimmy's Staff Application Empty
PostSubject: Jimmy's Staff Application   Jimmy's Staff Application I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 11:07 am

The position you are applying for;- Mod (As i will prove my self to be promoted further)

Your IGN (In-game name);- Jimmy

Why you should be Moderator;- I Believe i should be a moderator on your server because I have fallen inlove with it ever since i started playing it and i would like to give back to the server. I will also be dedicated to this server alone spending alot of time a day on it helping new players achieve the best possible experience they could have on tipzyscape.

Previous experiences of staff (Previous mod,admin,server support,owner,co-owner etc...);- I have been staff on many servers such as exitumscape 525 where i started out as a moderator and then climbed to the position of Head Admin.

Irl name (First name, Surname not compulsory);- James

Hobbies;- I enjoy all rsps's but mostly ones with better graphics and the latest weapons, I have a passion for anything that has to do with computer games and i also enjoy to sesh here and then Wink

Abit about yourself;- I live in Sydney, Australia my name is James and im currently 16, i Have been playing rsps's for a while now as i had recently quit rs and given away my account and i wasnt prepared to get all my stuff back.

I hope you take this into consideration when reading over my application Smile.
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Jimmy's Staff Application
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