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 Rules of TipzyScape.

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Rules of TipzyScape. Empty
PostSubject: Rules of TipzyScape.   Rules of TipzyScape. I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 24, 2012 12:42 am


1. Excessive Flaming/Trolling/Bullying - The use of any Derogatory, belittling, disdainful, or malicious comments directed at another player.
(1 Warning -> 48 hour Mute in-game)

2. Excessive Disrespecting Staff - Any disrespectful, contemptuous, or impertinent comment directed at a staff member.
(No required ->48 hour mute in-game)

3. Spamming - Spamming is frowned upon, unless you don't over do it, 8 second intervals. Use discretion. (Auto typing on yell is not allowed.)
(1 Warning -> 24 hour mute in-game)

4. Real world trading - Selling or buying anything for items that are not server related. For example: Selling/buying phats for RSGP. Between server trading is allowed. As is Paying servers items for Forum graphics.
(No warning required -> 2 day ban)

5. Multi-Logging - Logging in on two accounts (or more) at the same time causing you to have an advantage over another player in any way.
(No warning -> 2 day Ban)

6. Scamming/Attempting to Scam - Scamming another user during a trade ; Ex. Trading a player for a specified amount of items and not owning up to your half of the trade. Attempting to scam someone deliberately.
(No warning -> 5 day Ban)

7. Luring against Mods/Admins - Luring a mod is not acceptable if you do it you will be punished.
(No warning -> 1 day Ban)

8. Bug Abusing - Glitching a known bug so you have an advantage over another player.
(No warning -> 3 day Ban)

9. Botting/Cheating/Macroing - Using an external program or abusing an exploit to gain an unfair advantage above another player. For the time being, this does not count autoswitching in PvP.
(No warning -> 3 day Ban)

10. Sharing Accounts - Sharing accounts with another player is strictly prohibited. One owner per account.
(No warning -> 3 day Ban)

11. No PK farming - Killing a player more than twice with the intention of boosting yours or another's kills.
(No warning -> 3 day Ban, and kills will be reset)

12. Discrimination - Discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, race, religious views, sexuality, ect. This includes using derogatory words being used as insults. (The use of "faggot", "fag", or "spastic" isn't discrimination but can be considered flaming if taken too far.)
(No warning ->3 Days Mute.)

13. Staff Impersonation - Impersonating a staff member ; Ex. "I'm a moderator, give me your items or I will ban you."
(No warning -> 5 Day ban)

14. Pornographic links - Any links that pertain to pornographic content. (Child porn will get you IP banned.)
(No warning -> 14 day ban)

15. DDoSing - Threatening to DDoS someone or DDoSing someone is a severe action and the punishment will be severe, it is illegal and we do not allow it.
(No warning -> 14 day Ban)

16. No duping nor possession of duped items - Duping is when you use an exploited bug to duplicate an item
(No warning -> Permanent Ban)

17. Ban Evasion - Creating a new account to avoid an IP ban on another account
(No warning -> Permanent Ban)

18. Scamming Multiple times - Scamming 3 times.
(No warning -> Permanent Ban)

19. Scamming 6x from your I.P - Scamming 6x from your I.P.
(No warning -> IP Ban)

20. Threatening the wellbeing of the server or its members. - Any comments made that threaten the wellbeing of the server. This also includes attempting to hack the server or it's members.
(No warning -> IP Ban)

21. Advertising - Advertising any other RuneScape Private Server is strictly forbidden.
(No warning -> IP Ban)

Color Codes:
Temporary Ban
Permanent Ban
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Rules of TipzyScape.
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