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 Soph Has Skill - Mod Application

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Soph Has Skill

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PostSubject: Soph Has Skill - Mod Application   Soph Has Skill - Mod Application I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2012 8:06 pm

Hello Guy's Thought I'd Apply For Mod Seeing As Though There Never Seem To Be Any Mods Online And I Feel As Though I Could Fit The Role Perfectly Here Are Just A Few Of The Reasons As To Why I Think I Deserve Mod Status!

Reason 1 - I'm Online alot Of the Time Seeing As I'm Not Working Atm So i Have Alot Of Spare Time!

Reason 2 - I'm A Really Easy Going Person Who Loves To Help Others If There Stuck Or Just In Need Of Some General Advice!

Reason 3 - I Know Alot About The Server And Have Many Friends Already In MY Week Or So Of Playing, So Anything Anyone Needs Help Finding Things, Or Guides For Levels, I'm The Person You Should Speak To!

Reason 4 - When The Duper Came Online! I Was The Only Person Who Took Control Of The Situation And Stop It, Everybody Else Lied Just Due To Bieng Pixel Hungry!

I'll Stop With The Reasons Now, Because You've Probably Had Enough, But I'm Asking You This Now, We Need Mods And For tHose Of You That Know ME And Read This Please..Reccommend Me! You Know I'm Worth The Time! Thanks For Taking The Time Out To Read This Much Love! Soph x
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Soph Has Skill - Mod Application
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