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 Bosses Drop guide

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Bosses Drop guide  Empty
PostSubject: Bosses Drop guide    Bosses Drop guide  I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 12, 2017 4:33 pm

This guide will not contain exact drop rates as they are to remain secret. If you have anything you would like added please ask.


Coins 1-500k  - Always, Zaryte Bow – Very Rare

Corporeal Beast

Elysian ss,  Rare - Arcane ss, Rare -Spectral ss, Rare
  Divine ss , Very Rare - Vecna Skull, Very rare
Coins 1 – 500k, Always


Torva helm,plate,legs – Rare
Pernix Coif,plate,legs – Rare
Virtus mask,robe,skirt – Rare
Coins 1 – 1M, Always


Korasi – Rare
Ring of Vigore – Rare
Coins 1 – 250k - Always


Coins 1 – 500k - always
Bonecrusher - Rare
Charm magnet - Rare


Coins 1 -500k – Always
Malevolent Kiteshield – Rare
Merciless kiteshield – Rare
Vengful Kiteshield - Rare


Coins 1 – 1M – Always
Dragon Plate,Legs – Uncommon
Dragonfire shield - Uncommon
Flameburst Defender - Rare

Dagannoth kings

1 – 250k – Always
Dragon Axe - rare
Berserker, Archers, Seers – Rare
Berserker (i), Archers (i), Seers (i) – Veryrare


Coins 1 – 500k - Always
Dragon Claws – Very rare
Dragon fire shield - Rare


Coins 1 – 250k - Always
TzHaar Whip - Rare

Mercenary Made

Coins 1 – 1M Always
White Mages Book – Rare
Class 5 Staff (best ig) – Very rare

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Bosses Drop guide
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